About - Sakinamour

About Sakinamour


Sakina: (n) Arabic/Swahili = inner tranquility

Amour: (n) Latin = love/a love affair

Sakinamour: a love affair with inner tranquility.

Throughout all cultures, all walks of life, everyone yearns for a sense of inner peace. Everyone has a dream and/or a passion for something. You see their eyes light up with love when they describe it. The thought of that dream gives them a sense of euphoria that brings forth an inner tranquility the person may or may not be readily aware of. The Sakinamour message is to know and “follow your inner flame”. We believe that knowing and following your life purpose/passion (inner flame) creates a feeling of peace and tranquility within. Once you start following your inner flame you will be changed forever and begin your life-long love affair with inner tranquility.


Brand Path
In 2008 during the global financial collapse, Sheldon McKenzie-El, the grandson of a shoemaker, created the concept of Sakinamour. After almost 10 years of designing and developing cutting edge sport and fitness footwear within some of the industry giants including Puma AG and Adidas AG, McKenzie-El had just completed a freelance contract with a Scandinavian footwear brand and found himself without any fulfilling contracts. Companies were making cutbacks to survive the wave of financial uncertainty during the economic crisis. To quell any feelings of uneasiness about the situation, he focused on what had propelled him to this point of his career: his love for footwear and its creation. McKenzie-El, who started dreaming of designing shoes at the age of 10, built Sakinamour. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, he combined his knowledge of footwear design and development with his unique vision and prolific sense of style. 



Sakinamour is a designer shoe brand. We combine premium materials, exquisite detailing, and sophisticated finishes with sporty and contemporary silhouettes, to create remarkably beautiful and comfortable shoes.

Our shoes are limited edition, and we aim to keep the materials used environmentally loving, the level of which will be communicated to our patrons.

For each season our story narrative will be unexpected and original, and a portion of Sakinamour’s revenue will be donated to developing communities. Please reach out to us directly if you would like to learn more.


We welcome you to take this ride with us as we spark your imagination to find and follow your inner flame!